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Philanthropy is a critical part of any society. It is through philanthropic giving that the society is able to ensure fairness and equity when it comes to the distribution of resources and basic amenities. Unfortunately, some myths have developed over the years. Here is an overview of the most prominent myths.

Small Gifts are Irrelevant

When you think of the giving, one thing that comes to mind is that millions of needy people exist out there. The sheer volume of aid needed to help the needy often makes most people feel like their little gift of donation is irrelevant and won’t make an impact. This is not true, however. Coordinators of humanitarian aid work by consolidating contributions from different individuals to help generate a large sum of donations that can make a huge impact on society. Small amounts end up making huge differences!

Millennials are Not Charitable

There has been a general notion that the concept of giving is more upheld by the non-millennial generation. Studies have been conducted to evaluate the truth of this notion. On the contrary, it has been discovered that charity-giving is a widespread culture whose participation attracts individuals from all generations. In fact, the millennial generation is even gaining more traction even as charity organizations focus on digitizing the concept of philanthropy.

Immigrants Don’t Give As Much

This myth is based on the misconception that most recipients of charitable giving are normally immigrants. Contrary to this notion, a study showed that Latin Americans who are of immigrant origin are far better givers as compared to the natives when it comes to charity. Immigrant Hispanics give as much, if not more, than Americans, despite many of them living on a limited income.

Women Are Less Philanthropic Than Men

Another predominant myth in society today is that women don’t give as much as men. The myth is based on the fact that women often make less than men. On the contrary, the shifting social-economic empowerment of women in society is gradually putting women in a better position to give a larger portion of their income to charity. More women today are giving large portions of gifts to charity just as men do. In many cases, it has been found that women are more passionate about giving than men.