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If you’re planning to go into business for yourself, then you are no doubt going to run into this major obstacle. Funding is critical to launching a business the proper way, even before you make your first dollar. However, many know the realities of obtaining a business loan with little to no credit or asking investors to donate to a business that doesn’t even exist. However, your options are not entirely exhausted just yet. The following list includes some of the top crowdfunding platforms for aspiring entrepreneurs to use.


This platform is perhaps the largest and most popular amongst tech entrepreneurs and creative companies. Since its introduction to the public, it has been able to garner over $5 billion for various startups. Perhaps the main reason why Kickstarter is so popular is that it’s so easy to use. You set a goal and a time for your fundraiser. However, it should be noted that if you do not meet your timer’s fundraising goal, then you receive nothing. This means those who donated will receive their funds back.


Let’s say you aren’t looking to fund a business but rather an organization that wishes to make some kind of social or political change. Causes have been the go-to crowdfunding platform for those wanting to garner funds without having to seek investors that are only in it for themselves. Additionally, Causes is also a non-profit organization, and thus it is funded only by the ads it shows within its website.


You may have heard your favorite Youtube star tout that they would love if you join their Patreon page. Often the misconception is that this is simply a fan website rather than a crowdfunding platform. The truth is that it’s a little bit of both. Much like a company would use funds collected to create better services or products, a Youtuber will use that money to make their content that much better. Note that the website does collect 2.9% with an additional 35 cents from each pledge.


If you’re looking for neither business nor social change fundraising but simply want to help someone in need, then GoFundMe is your best bet. This crowdfunding website charges 2.9 with 30 cents per person who donates. The good news is that unlike other platforms, GoFundMe will not take all the funds raised if you don’t meet your goals.