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Charities have always been around in one form or another. Throughout the years, people have figured out new ways to make charitable donations and contributions. Technology has always played a huge role in this process. Let’s take a look at modern day philanthropy and how the latest tech has influenced people’s ability to give.

Instant Donations

In the past, people had to visit a local charity office or mail in a contribution to give toward a cause. They also attended local functions or events for the purpose of giving. Today, people can give through an application on their mobile device or website on their computer. They can also donate money through text messages and even emails. These instant donations help to make giving easier and more practical for the average person.


The Chronicle of Philanthropy states that organizations now have the ability to connect with current and potential supporters through different channels. One of the major ways that non-profit and commercial organizations reach people is through crowdfunding. This method of giving involves many people giving various sized donations toward a cause. The donations are pooled together in order to reach targeted dollar amounts by sponsors.

Social Media

Social media is often used by charitable organizations to motivate people to give. Social media is more streamlined than a website and it allows an organization more freedom with reaching people about a cause. It is also used to help inform people about various fundraising events related to a cause. Social media is practical and extremely versatile. People can be reached within moments about any upcoming events, information or changes related to a cause.

Video Presentations

Organizations can also make videos about the causes they support. The videos can be made in-house and be cost effective. They can focus on the reason why people should give and tell them how important it is for them to give back. They can also use a video to help bring an issue or situation to life. A good video can viral within a short amount of time. This would make it an effective marketing tool for many charitable organizations.

Text Messages

Text messages are now being sent to previous donors about giving. These quick messages are often used to keep donors informed about future donations. This method has been very effective since people are often reminded about the need for giving money to the charities they want to support.