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People usually volunteer to help others who aren’t as fortunate. Although volunteering is a selfless act done solely to make a positive impact on the lives of others, there are also many surprising benefits that the volunteers themselves experience. Volunteering can help improve all facets of a person’s life especially their psychological, mental and emotional health. Here’s how:

Building Social Connections

Volunteering exposes people to different environments where they can meet new and interesting people. People who volunteer their time helping others tend to have a lot of empathy for those around them. Social bonding and connections can also be gained with those a person volunteers to help. For instance, people can volunteer their time at a nursing home and engage in heartfelt conversations with residents there.

Reduces Stress

Stress, anger, and anxiety can significantly reduce as a result of volunteering. Many times, people stress about things in their personal life such as bills and other responsibilities. Volunteering helps one to remain focused on the present instead of stressing about the past or worrying about their future.

Increases Gratitude

By seeing what others don’t have, people gain more appreciation for the things that they do have. It can be easy to forget what a person has when they are accustomed to having it. Simple essentials such as food, clean water, and warm clothes are all items some people don’t think to be appreciative of. However, through being around people who aren’t as fortunate, this can give a new lease on an individual’s life not to take anything for granted.

Advancement to Career

Many jobs and careers find it an added bonus if their prospects have volunteer time under their belt. Volunteering helps build one’s soft skills and increases their experience in different domains. Thus, it helps in career advancement, teaching a person more job skills.

Provides a Sense of Purpose

Several people question what their purpose is for their life. Volunteering can help take away any feelings of worthlessness or general low self-esteem. Volunteers understand that their help is needed and that their contribution is making a positive difference in the world.