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Practicing philanthropy is a fantastic way to give back to those in need. From donating to various charities to setting up fundraisers and engaging in volunteer work, an active philanthropist goes the extra mile when it comes to caring for others. There are multiple ways to practice philanthropy, and whether you’re focusing on a local community or a global cause, the ways you can make a positive impact seem almost endless. Keep in mind; effective philanthropy goes much further than making a few charitable donations a year. Joanne Fritz says “Philanthropy is all about thought, care, deliberation, going beyond the expected, and becoming involved. It is about bringing your giving in line with your hopes for a better world.” So, what exactly makes an effective philanthropist? 

Have Passion for Your Cause 

Passion is key in philanthropy. While monetary donations can go a long way, a philanthropist does a lot more than write a check to a few different organizations every so often. Consider what causes matter to you most. It could be something that has impacted your life directly or something that you feel very strongly about. What causes are in line with your values and interests? For example, if you’re significantly involved in your local community, you may like to focus on local food banks and shelters for those in need. 

Develop a Plan 

You want to be sure you’re using your time and money wisely. As an active philanthropist, you can be involved with multiple organizations. Regardless of how you choose to focus your efforts, putting a plan in place is the best way to keep track of what you’re contributing to. If you volunteer your time to different organizations every month, keep track of where you’re going and for how long. This will keep the organizations that you work with happy, and make your life as a philanthropist easy and effective.

Network With Others 

Networking is essential when you’re a philanthropist. Get to know others with similar goals and passions, and connect with various organizations that could use your help. New connections can align you with new charities and opportunities that you may not have known about before. 

Philanthropy is about giving and making a difference. Utilize your resources to reach out and help people in need.