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Canada has an incredibly generous population. In a country of about 30 million people, over 1.5 billion dollars were donated to charity in 2017. By giving so generously, Canadians have shown that they have big hearts. Canadians make it a point to take care of each other. The biggest charities in Canada include medical non-profits, disaster relief charities and social service organizations.

The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

Canada’s favorite medical charities include The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation is devoted to conquering cancer. Cancer is one of the most common health problems in Canada. It’s estimated that half the population will develop cancer in their lifetime, and that half of them will die of the illness. The PMCF disburses over $100 million per year. Over 90% of that goes to patient care, research and education.

The SickKids Foundation

The SickKids Foundation is another medical charity close to Canada’s heart. The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto is Canada’s best-known children’s hospital. There are over 16,500 admissions each year, and over 12,000 surgeries are performed annually. Over 300,000 ambulatory patients pass through the doors yearly. In 2018, the Foundation raised over $200 million and made grants of over $140 million. Over 30% of the disbursed funds went to patient care. Over 50% went to research.

World Vision Canada

World Vision Canada is one of the country’s favorite international aid charities. This charity was founded in the 1950s, and relies on small donations to help provide food, water, education and healthcare to communities in the developing world. Today, Canadians sponsor a child for $39 per month. These donations help sustain over 200 communities in 44 countries each year. World Vision is also known for deploying aid quickly after natural disasters occur. In 2018, this organization served over 3 million people affected by disasters.

United Way Toronto & York

Finally, the United Way Toronto & York Region is one of Canada’s biggest charities. The United Way is a charity that disburses money to smaller, local charities. In 2017, over $106 million was given to over 200 local charities. The services provided by these organizations help the 265,000 low-income families in the region. In particular, the services are designed to help children, young adults and anyone at risk of becoming homeless. These charities also provide services for new immigrants to Canada.

Canada prides itself on it’s generosity—a fact that is clearly represented in it’s citizens regular donations to charity. While only four non-profit organizations were discussed in this article, Canada is home to thousands of amazing charities doing incredible work. Canadian citizens can be assured that no matter the cause that tugs at their heartstrings, there is sure to be an organization they can make become involved with.