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Corporate philanthropy has been one of the best ways to give back to a community that has given you so much. Besides, philanthropic work creates a better working environment for your staff as they feel like they are apart of something meaningful. Although the benefits are clear, it’s not always easy to come up with ways to develop philanthropy within a business. Therefore, the following list includes some of the best ways you can begin to incorporate these charitable efforts within your own company.

Encourage Participation
When philanthropic efforts are presented to staff, there can sometimes be a state of confusion. They are not aware if they are allowed to have the time to participate or will they have to participate after-hours. The best course to take in this instance is to enable them to have volunteer time off. These are hours accumulated throughout the year that allow them to help charities while not having to lose a day’s work pay.

Ask for Employee Feedback
One of the best ways to choose an organization to support is to simply ask your employees for suggestions. The reality is that people won’t give their 100% effort if they don’t feel that connection to the cause. Allow anonymous suggestions to be turned into your office and choose accordingly.

Encourage Physical Donations
Money is always a good thing to be able to donate to an organization, but the reality is that some won’t have the extra funds to donate to a charity, as much as they want to. Therefore, it is highly recommended to provide employees with options such as donating clothing, can food, and electronics. Doing this will significantly improve the impact of your efforts as everyone isn’t limited to monetary donations only.

Accumulating donations for a charitable organization is excellent, but if you want to go above and beyond, it is necessary to partner with a local organization. This will allow you to have a clear line of communication with them and a clear understanding of their needs. For example, some organizations may already have the funds to function but not the manpower; this is where your company manpower comes in.

Regardless of who you choose to support, there’s no doubt about it; corporate philanthropy is an excellent thing for both community and staff. Utilize the information above for your philanthropic efforts.